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Artist statement

Facts (I think about this)

At the speed of 300 000 kilometers per second, light travels from Earth to the Moon in about 1 second. Sunlight reachers the Earth in about eight minutes. Light from our closest neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda, reaches us in about 2,4 million years.


I try to include the insignificance of the linearity of time in my works. I want to mediate the feeling that time faces us right now; past, present, and future are overlapping events. Concentration on the presence of life is felt as happiness. Now – is the only moment that we have.
The paradoxality of existence, inequality, juxtapositions, good/bad, light/darkness, us/them, freedom/imprisonment are themes which are also interesting to me.
As an artist, I pursue a way of expression which is extensive, critical, honest and true to myself. I reach for the truth. I try to mediate a personal perception of truth in my art. Yet I am aware that it is nearly impossible to reach an absolute truth about life and being. Nevertheless – I seek answers to these questions: How to be? Why to be?

I use graphics, painting and installation / concept / ready-made expression either together or separately in my art.

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” - Winston Churchill

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